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Sushinoma specializes in unique fusion sushi with a hint of aloha and traditional roots.

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Sushi Master Jacob Talbert

Jacob has been a professional sushi chef from coast to coast and then some for over 20 years.

  • Humboldt Squid Ocean Fishing


    Made at Sea

    Taking his talent and exploring its deepest roots, Jacob went to the Sea to find inspiration. He grew up on his grandfather's commercial fishing boat, and he continues to work with them for the freshest and best ingredients.

  • Hawaii Sushi Roots


    Mahalo nui loa

    Jacob had his first experience in learning the ways of sushi when he finally tasted good sushi at Masa's, Kapaa.

  • Sexy Sushi


    Returned to the mainland

    After a decade on the islands Jacob returned home, bringing high quality to Virginia. He continued crafting traditional recipes with locally inspired ingredients at StickyRice, Richmond,VA.

  • 2003-2008

    Surf to Snow

    Love for surfing,skating, and snowboarding, Jacob set his path toward Tahoe's pristine beauty, and epic mountains. He continued to perfect his trade amongst aspiring sushi restaurants Drangonfly, Mama Sake , Java Sushi & Yama Sushi.

  • Sexy Sushi



    Finding his love in Tahoe, starting a family, and following dreams, Jacob's family moved to Sonoma. Woking wth Eikos, and Shiso Sushi. With his family, regularly participating in civic programs, engaging the community as a local artist, and continues to support the local farmers markets and restaurants.

  • 2011-2013

    e komo mai

    Returning to the islands, Jacob managed the popular sushi restaurant The Dolphin. Focusing on the highest quality and freshest foods, Jacob perfected his mastery of the Hawaiin cuisine "Poke" and continued to serve traditional Japanese sushi.

  • 2013-2016


    Working with best friends and the community. Jacob's family adventured on the first part of their master plan. Rocket Sushi challenged sushi connoisseur's with unique experiences that only Sonoma could provide.

  • Sexy Sushi



    Experience two decades of tradecraft, the finest local farm to fork fresh ingredients, and expertly selected seafood. Follow us on facebook to find where you can experience Sushinoma or book us for a private event.

  • Experience

Jacob Talbert

Master Sushi Chef

I cook with my senses and feelings and am inspired by my surroundings and whats growing around me. I live for the ocean, grew up on a commercial fishing boat, and feel a strong connection to the Hawaiian Islands, culture, and surf movement. My family is everything. Id be lost without my wife. My philosophy is basically art is life. I feel I am constantly learning, growing and evolving.